CV Review and Refresh


A review of your CV to ensure it is up to date, ATS compliant and reader-friendly.




Send me your CV (and information on the type of role/specific role you’re interested in applying to) and I’ll update how your information is presented, ensuring it is ATS compliant and reader-friendly.

Reading through line by line, I’ll add comments to the refreshed document e.g. giving you prompts to include information, adding information to an achievement, suggesting keywords, ideas of what you can omit from your CV – the list is endless and specific to your CV.

This isn’t a generic, computer-generated review!

You can then make any of the changes and send the updated CV to me for a final once-over.

Whilst not as comprehensive a service as my full CV writing packages (Bronze to Platinum), the CV Review and Refresh will ensure your CV is updated and contains all the key elements for a re-energised job search.