Looking for a new job? Want a career change? Returning to work after a career break? You need a CV that’s going to open doors for you.

And that's exactly what Caversham CV Writing will give you.

I’m a qualified human resources professional with 15 years of industry recruitment experience. Over the years I’ve screened thousands of CVs, and I know exactly what employers are looking for.

Whether you want your current CV redesigned, or need me to write it from scratch, I can help. Take a look at my packages here.  I can even write your LinkedIn profile and cover letters.

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and have done a few webinars / talks on radio shows.  Here are some examples where you can read or listen to some key CV information for free:

Drive Time Radio Show (from minute 58)

Doyenne Network - webinar plus transcript

Social Bee NI: how do your CV and LinkedIn profile differ?


Learn how to write a CV that will open doors to interviews and help you land a job.

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Latest from the Caversham CV Writing Blog

I’ve just launched an online course on how to write a CV that will open doors to interviews and help you land a job.  Here are some Q&A on the course.

Who has written the course?
I’m Laura Harmsworth and I run Caversham CV Writing, a company set up to solely help people in the UK write their CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, all with the aim of landing an interview for their ideal job.
With a background in recruitment and Human Resources (educated to Masters level and CIPD qualified), I know what employers are looking for. I’ve personally screened thousands of CVs so know how to get yours on the Yes pile rather than the Reject pile.
I’ve seen too many professionals write their CV as a job description, neglecting to add in their achievements – either because they don’t know they should, can’t remember them, or are worried they’ll come across as arrogant.
I also see CVs that are written in a way that will never get through the screening software or are too hard for the human eye to read.
I’ve written CVs for hundreds of people since 2012 when I set up the company, mostly for professionals/managers, and I’m constantly updating my techniques by keeping up with best practice.

Read more about me on LinkedIn and don’t just believe what I say, read these testimonials to see if I do a good job!

Is the course run over a period of weeks?
No, once you’ve paid for the course yet get instant access to the full course content. You can then work through all the information and tasks at your own pace.

Is there any interaction?
This is not a course attached to a Facebook group or with regular interactions with me or others who also buy the course. However, if you decide you’d like me to review the CV that you have written at the end of the course, there are details on how to work with me on that.

What will I learn?
You will learn:
• What type of CV is best to use for your own circumstances
• What sections to include and how to write them
• How to identify your skills (including personality questionnaires)
• How to sell yourself without overselling, through the use of achievements (and how to write them in a succinct manner)
• The key things that will help your CV get through the screening software
• Ways to ensure your CV is error-free
• What to do if you’re changing career or have gaps in your CV

There’s also a bonus – a cover letter template.

How will I learn?
The course is text-based (with a couple of videos from me at the beginning and end).
There are downloadable worksheets to support you through the course, so you’re building your CV as you work through the lessons. At the end, there’s a checklist so you can ensure you’ve included everything you need to.

How long do I have to work through the course?
You have lifetime access to the course, so once you’ve written your CV, you can return to the course when you apply for your next role. Having an up to date CV is critical!

How much is the course?
The course is £79 until the 7th June. After this date, the course will be £99.

How do I pay?
Paying is really easy and is via PayPal. Once you’ve paid, you have instant access, so you can start improving your CV immediately.

Click here to find out more about the course and when you’re ready to purchase, click Buy Now.

Why should you buy my course (and time-limited offer)

The CV that you did has been brilliant and made the process so much easier. It’s been so useful to have one for each of my career paths as well so I am fully equipped for either of my job choices.  Thank you for being so helpful and professional and your service has benefited me so much.

Your CV has made the process so much easier


What does ‘CV’ even mean?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a Latin expression and can be loosely translated as “course of life”. More commonly outside of the UK, CVs are referred to as résumés, French for “summary”.

What does a CV need to include?

Your CV is the story of your life/career and it is your marketing tool, selling yourself to potential employers. It’s a snapshot of who you are, clearly outlining your career.

How long should my CV be?

Ideally it will be 1-2 A4 pages and should include your career history/work experience, education/training/qualifications and contact details.

Why do I need a CV writer?

It can be hard to be objective when writing about yourself. It’s also time consuming. That is where the role of a CV writer comes in. A good CV will open doors for you and help you find the job that you really want.

What happens when I work with you?

After you book and pay for your package, I’ll get in touch to arrange a consultation and discuss the next steps.

My first job will be to find out about you, your past and where you want to go. I do this via a detailed form which, combined with meeting you, enables me to gather all the information I need.

I’ll then write your CV, presenting your relevant skills and qualities clearly, highlighting how they are key to the jobs you are targeting.

What will my CV look like?

At the top of your CV will be a professional, engaging profile that tells the employer that you are the one for the job.

I’ll use key words that match your ideal job profile, ensuring your CV is picked up in the recruitment process, either by the human eye or by Applicant Tracking Software.

I’ll make sure your CV creates a great first impression of you, paying meticulous attention to grammar, spelling and presentation, ensuring your CV is set out in a logical manner and easy to read.

What kind of CVs have you written?

I’ve written CVs for virtually every industry. Here’s a taste of some of the roles I have written CVs for:



Business Analyst

Business Development Manager

Care Worker

Civil Engineer

Customer Service Manager

Director / Business Owner

Director, Charity




HR Consultant

HR Director

IT Asset Manager

IT Manager

IT Support Manager

Marketing Manager

Police Sergeant

Preschool Supervisor

Project Manager

Retail Store Manager

Sales Account Manager

Sales Director

Sales Support

School Leaver


Security Manager



Test Analyst

Training Manager

Transport Manager


University Lecturer