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Our LinkedIn profile writing services are the best way to build your professional profile online.

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About our Linkedin Profile Writing Service

Transform or create your LinkedIn presence with our profile
writing service!

Networking plays a crucial role in your job search strategy, with
LinkedIn being an often-underutilised goldmine for job seekers.
There are over 30 million employers and over 20 million job
waiting to be discovered on the platform.

Your CV is tailored to a specific role but your LinkedIn profile
speaks to many potential employers.

You can add so much more to your LinkedIn profile including a bit more personality, colour, emojis, presentations, other media, and links to articles you’ve published.

Why choose our service?

LinkedIn is invaluable if you’re looking to expand your network,
find a new role, get back in touch with former colleagues, learn
more about companies…the list is endless.

Whatever the reasons is for your LinkedIn presence, your profile
must be optimised.

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How this service works

Through an information gathering form and/or a consultation (Zoom or phone), we delve into your goals, career history, and aspirations.

We will create content for all sections of your LinkedIn profile, bringing your professional journey to life.

You have the opportunity to review the content and provide feedback for any revisions.

How we improve your LinkedIn Profile

Delivery format of your LinkedIn profile

To make the process seamless for you, we deliver the final
profile content in a document format. Just cut and paste the
content into your LinkedIn profile.

Your profile picture and banner

In addition you will receive advice on your profile picture and
banner. A good profile picture can increase profile views by
21 times
and the banner image at the top of your profile is
prime real estate to showcase your personality and skills.

We’ll help you form a strategy

And finally, we’ll show you how to make the most of LinkedIn,
offering advice and resources on maximizing your LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Bronze Profile


When paired with our CV Writing services. £205 stand-alone price.

  • Ideal if you need to detail up to 9 years’ experience.
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Silver Profile


When paired with our CV Writing services. £245 stand-alone price.

  • Ideal if you need to detail more than 10 years’ experience.
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Gold Profile


When paired with our CV Writing services. £280 stand-alone price.

  • Ideal if you’re looking for senior/executive roles.
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Not sure which service you want or have any queries? 

Call me on 0118 9472488 (9am-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday) or email me at

More LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn 60 Minute Makeover


In this hour over Zoom you have 1:1 access to our LinkedIn knowledge and experience, giving you information and suggestions on how to improve your profile.

We’ll look at your photo, banner, headline, About section, Experience section, Skills, and any other relevant sections to you and your career.

You can ask us all the questions you have about LinkedIn and we can also talk you through how to make the most of the platform in your job search. We have lots of resources we can share with you too!

If you’d like us to, we will record the session and send it to you.

You walk away with plenty of pointers on how to improve your LinkedIn profile which highlights your achievements and sells you. Once you’ve updated your profile (either live on the platform or on a document), send it back for a final review.