How to showcase achievements on your CV

Achievements are an essential component of your CV. They showcase that you possess the skills and abilities recruiters are seeking and prove you can add value. Including achievements will set you apart from other candidates, as so many people don’t include them.

Many CVs read like job descriptions, purely listing responsibilities –  how will the recruiter know what you can do and what you will bring to the company? This often happens because people struggle to identify their accomplishments or don’t want to come across as arrogant. Don’t worry that by adding your achievements you’re overselling yourself – by quantifying them they are proven i.e., not just your opinion.

For example, instead of writing “Responsible for company website,” rephrase it to “Increased enquiries by 15% by rewriting company landing page.”

Steps to highlight achievements on your CV

Gather achievements

Reflect on all your roles (paid and voluntary) and jot down positive feedback, awards, targets achieved, challenges you’ve overcome, and actions that have saved money, reduced resources, improved profit, or increased sales or enquiries.

Brainstorm achievements

Elaborate on each achievement – Context, Action, Result

Refine achievements

Turn each achievement into a concise sentence. Lead with the result then action. Start with a positive action verb. Quantify e.g. percentages, numbers, frequencies, stakeholders, contracts, streamlined procedures, discounts negotiated, who you presented to, fines avoided, records you kept up to date, audit requirements,.

Choose achievements

Highlight the key skills and requirements on the job advert/description and choose the strongest relevant achievements for your CV.

Final tips

Maintain a “base” CV with all your achievements. Tailor a copy for each role, selecting the most relevant achievements for that position.


By systematically highlighting and quantifying your achievements, you can create a compelling CV that stands out to recruiters and hiring managers, demonstrating your ability to deliver real results.