What to consider when looking for a CV writer

There are many reasons why you could be looking for a new CV ( e.g. you are looking for a step up the career ladder, want a career change or are returning to work after a career break) and a CV writer (e.g. you just don’t have the time to write it yourself or know where to start).

You may already have your cover letter written and avoided making the 7 key mistakes. Now, you’re looking to finish updating your CV.

Where do you start in looking for a CV writing service?

If you type your search into Google, you will be faced with numerous results as many companies and individuals offer CV writing services. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if they are what you are looking for and to find the perfect professional CV writer for you.

Can I speak with the CV writer prior to purchasing their services?

This is really important as your CV is a key document in your job search and you need to find the right CV writer for you.

• Do they have experience in writing CVs for your role, your industry, or your level?
• Can they address your specific job search criteria?
• Are they personable?
• Do you trust them?
• Do you gel with them?
• Do they charge a price within your budget?

If you purchase a CV writing service by clicking on a “Pay Now” button on a website, without asking yourself all of this, you cannot be certain what level of service you will receive. It doesn’t matter what the cost is (some professional CV writers charge £25 for a total rewrite or a review, others £100’s for a new CV or a total package which includes CV, LinkedIn and cover letter) – what is important is being able to talk to the person who will be writing your CV so you can ask all the questions you want to ensure you choose the right person/company for you.

Does the CV writer offer a consultation?

This could be a call or face-to-face meeting of varying duration. It is a good option as the writer can draw out all the information, experience, achievements and examples they need to write your CV. You can ask any questions you might have on the CV writing process, your job search etc. You can also treat it as preparation for an interview as you will be getting used to talking about yourself and drawing on relevant, strong examples.

Is the CV writing service / CV writer near me?

Location is important if you decide meeting face to face with the CV writer is important to you. However, many CV writing services offer options on how consultations are held – other than face-to-face, they could be by phone or video. Some offer differing services to fit in with your time, working hours, location and preference.
Some looking for CV help do not wish to have a consultation at all and there are CV companies that will write your CV without meeting or talking to you, perhaps by sending you a template or form to complete or by reformatting/reworking your existing CV. I would recommend a consultation as per the previous section, but the choice is yours!

Should I use an experienced CV writing service or a clerical service?

There is the option to send your CV to someone who will reformat it / type it up. If this is what you are looking for, great! However, strong CV writers know and keep up to date with how to market you with keywords, how to beat Applicant Tracking Systems, key things to avoid/include etc.

I highly recommend using Google and personal recommendations in your search for a CV writer. Review their websites and call the ones that offer the CV services you want. Have a list of questions you want to ask and get a feel for the one you think will work best with you on the next step on your journey.

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